Esie Mensah is the youngest of 6 kids, born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario. Her journey into dance began with a community dance group called the Ewe Canadian Organization of Ontario, made up of extended family members and elders who’s goal was to celebrate African culture within the community. Every Sunday they would gather to learn the traditional dances of  the Ewe tribe from Ghana and Togo; these beginnings impacted her life significantly as she began to developed her own style of dance over a decade later.

Following her intuition she  moved to Toronto in 2006 and enrolled in the Commercial Dance program at George Brown College. Since graduating in 2007 she has built an extensive resume and has become  the most successful student of the program since it began10 years ago. Her immense talent, larger than life stage presence and personality have captivated audiences around the world. She continues to be one of the most sought after dancers in the industry with appearances in the Walt Disney film “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam”, Coca Cola’s “Freestyle” commercial and Shawn Desman’s movie Alive. Esie has danced with industry icons Jannelle Monae ,Nelly Furtado, Flo Rida, Jully Black, Deborah Cox, Anjulie, Cascada and Divine Brown.

She has appeared on So You Think You Can Dance Canada where she debuted her Afro-House choreography, and recently choreographed a music video for Blake McGrath’s new single “Heaven”. In 2012, she partnered with World Vision Canada to choreograph a youth musical entitled “The Other Side of the River” a story about the economic imbalances in our society. She has performed on stage with the hit South African musical Umoja and spent six months in China performing on live television with recording artists across the country. Esie is the co-choreographer of Artists in Motion, and a fan favorite of Urbanesque and the traditional African company Lua Shayenne & Co.”

Her captivating stage performance comes from her commitment to remain present and vulnerable. Watching her artistry is a magical gift because of her unique ability to connect with her audience. She continues to develop her own personal style through a fusion of African and Contemporary vocabularies. Esie remains at the head of the Canadian dance industry with a vision of the world in her view. While her personal dance style is difficult to place into a single category, her ability to effectively enhance and compliment different genres of dance is outstanding and continues to place her at the forefront of her craft.

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